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7 Best apps of Augmented reality

7 Best apps of Augmented reality

Augmented Reality is the technique which uses the physical environment objects and creates virtual output based on them. The technology is able to read the actual physical environment data available such as distance, depth, height and size of the object.

After calculating the real world data it takes it as input and places virtual objects with the matchable size to actual physical objects. As we all know about the Snapchat filters and Instagram filters which use the same technology to place beard, ornaments and other makeup filters on the face of a user. 

Many applications in our smartphone and digital gadgets are using Augmented reality right now, we will discuss about 7 such applications in this article below. 

IKEA place is a home decor app. This app is used by many interior designers and furniture retailers. Customers can view the three dimensional view of the proper furniture and then decide where it will fit in the house. 

Basically you only have to use the back camera of your mobile, Tab or any other device you are using. The app is already loaded with a lot of objects in the library so you can just drag and place it.

It will provide you the exact look of the particular objects at desirable places. 

The IKEA place app is available on both Android and iOS platforms.   

Google Lens

Google lens application is an informational app which provides us nearly perfect output after identifying the input. Photos we take or the images that are already stored in our devices can be scanned by the Google lens app. 

It will give us every information available around us such as the name of the objects and animals, temperature information, name of the cafes and shopping malls around us. A user just has to open his camera and everything around him changes itself and provides actual information.   

Google lens app is also available on both iOS and Android devices. 

SketchAR is another useful app that is freely available and helps people to improve their drawing skills. You can create your unique artwork on the sketchAR app and sell it digitally using NFT.  

SketchAR uses augmented reality technology to recreate and improve the quality of paintings and drawings. We can learn how to paint and draw in this app. It can turn your images into digital sketches. 

A digital token is assigned with every digital artwork and we can sell the Non fungible token (NFT)  based on artwork price 

This app is available on both iOS and Android phones and other devices.   

Social media applications are emerging tremendously. Everybody is aware of social media like FaceBook, Snapchat, Instagram etc. There are thousands of filters available in the SnapChat app. 

A user can choose from a wide variety and categories. Snapchat also introduced the smart glasses which allows its creator to create a virtual environment around them. 

Snapchat is available on both Android and iOS platforms.     

Houzz app allows users to see the entire house in a 3D virtual environment. In that virtual environment we can place objects that are available in the app. A user can visualize the actual size of an object placed exactly at the physical location. 

You can decorate your own house without the help of any designer. 

House app is also available on google play store and apple app store for iOS devices and Android devices.   

YouCam Makeup

YouCam Makeup also uses augmented reality to makeup and touch up virtually too its users. You can check out which type of makeup will suit your face and take selfies with those makeup filters.  

The similar apps for beautifying the photos are-

You can also check out these for a better experience. 

A Chinese company introduced this YouCam Makeup app in 2014. This app is available in both free and premium versions. In the premium version of the app you can use its extra premium high quality filters.  

BBC Civilizations AR

Actually the BBC Civilizations AR app is based on the show,”Civilizations” that aired on the BBC network. This app is the first of its kind and it has a very unique concept of showing the historical artifacts, historical civilisations, historical monuments and many more epic things.

For example you can see through the walls of a great pyramid and check out how they were made and what is in there. You can see all the artifacts that are collected from all over the world in the British museum.

This is the first AR app that BBC launched. All the ancient civilizations are virtually included in the BBC Civilizations AR.    

It is concluded that we have come too far in the digital technology innovations. Some of the applications we are using in our daily life which are made easy by our editing time. Photos that we take with Snapchat and other augmented reality supported apps already edited accordingly by the apps.

Our daily life is changing by the technical advancements of the digital revolutionary innovations. 

Comment below what is your favorite application among these apps. You can suggest more applications of augmented reality below. 

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