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Future of augmented reality

Future of augmented reality

Augmented reality and virtual reality devices will be more exclusive, personalized and accessible with time. This technology is limited right now but there will be a time when it is accessed by the majority of the world’s population. 

AR smart glasses and affordable VR headgears are the newest innovations in the technology. The global market predictions of augmented reality and virtual reality combined will be more than 200 billion industry in 2030. These two technologies with mixed reality alternating each and every industry including medical health, education, innovations, development, construction and connecting people virtually.    

Augmented reality is the technology in demand, most of the social media platforms and gaming companies are already focussing on it. Human nature is always progressive, we want updates and new features in every technology that exists today. 

In-time information with AR

Augmented reality offers the in-time information in many scenarios. First it will provide data related to any subject in desired output like audio, video, animated or informational graphs. 

For example : let’s suppose you are watching a live football match on an augmented device. Now if you want to check a detailed scorecard or statistics of any player, team then you just have to give input command to the device. 

You will get the additional information about everything you asked in front of your eyes, no matter where you are watching from.  

Group gaming through augmented devices

I remember playing on the 2D screen of television back in the days when 3D and other technologies weren’t common. The experience was good enough for that time but right now the technology is skyrocketing itself. We have to go with the flow and enjoy the extraordinary virtual environment of it. 

When the Sony playstation came, we were able to play six players together but the wiring and system wasn’t good. 

Through the AR technology and metaverse world technology the whole community can be part of a single virtual world. People hangout, play games, travel and do countless activities together on the platform. 

So, this technology brings people closer through virtual and augmented reality. 

Industrial supervisory revolution

We know that CCTV cameras were invented because we wanted safety from thieves and also have trust issues with others. Industrial uses of augmented reality are really great. Suppose you are a technician in the company and checking heavy machinery or material stocks in a warehouse. 

Now in the traditional way you have to check each and every part manually even if that part is working fine or not. But with the latest smart glasses loaded with the additional information regarding that machinery helps you find the problems easily.

It also revolutionized the shipment loading, unloading and other activities.

Next level online shopping

The online shopping market is much bigger in these two or three years. It reaches new heights of market revenue in 2020. In the year 2020 the online shopping market was more than 3 trillions. 

On most online platforms we can only see the descriptions and photos of the products. But there is a new innovation in the online shopping market. A user can watch the real time results of cosmetic products and shades through augmented reality.

A girl can try the shades of makeup kit and lipstick just by clicking on the desired shades. If you want a dining table for your house then you can just scan the area of your house and virtually place the table to see if it fits or looks good to you.

Medical and health programs

As we discussed the educational purpose and future of augmented reality in education including health education. In the medical field the technology has incredible uses and it has the ability to save thousands of lives. 

Human body virtual objects help medical doctors and students to understand the deeper functionality of humans. A doctor and speciality surgeon can operate an operation from anywhere in the world. 

When some advancement comes in augmented reality and artificial intelligence we can physically feel another person. Numerous medical tech companies are working with more innovative ways to use augmented reality in medical practice.  

E-sport may be the new reality

Many sports are available on the AR headsets and virtual headsets. People are watching games from their own home instead of stadiums. I know that the excitement of watching our favorite player live physically is amazing, but it is good for those who can’t afford or are able to make it to stadiums. 

But technology brings a stadium to your home or workplaces. A full stadium environment is created virtually by the augmented devices and brings to users with much additional information.     

The world is changing both technologically and physically. New jobs will be generated in the technical field and less in the traditional. Many traditional jobs are dead today because of the advancement in technology. 

The future is here and we will be the witnesses of many upcoming technologies. It may be possible that this augmented reality also becomes outdated and some technology takes place. 

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