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Enjin (ENJ) Ecosystem Welcomes Augmented Reality Car Marketplace MotoBloq

Enjin, the leading ecosystem for non-fungible tokens (NFTs), today announced its newest adopter, MotoBloq, and an NFT car marketplace that will adopt Efinity.

MotoBloq Joins the Enjin and Efinity Ecosystem

MotoBloq, an innovative open marketplace for all digital vehicle collectibles, today joined the Enjin and Efinity ecosystem.

Notably, MotoBloq allows users to grow a collection of rare car NFTs and display them in augmented reality (AR). The automotive community-geared marketplace was recently featured in GQ, sharing its vision for making dream cars more accessible to everyday users.

MotoBloq enables users, designers, and manufacturers to seamlessly create, collect, trade, and experience one-of-a-kind digital vehicles as NFTs. The holders of these NFTs can showcase their prized digital automotive possessions in AR.

MotoBloq NFTs will offer a wide array of robust features that promise completely fresh, unique, and exclusive experiences for their owners in both the real and the virtual world.

For instance, owners of MotoBloq NFTs have uninterrupted access to high-quality 3D car models and animations that can be displayed in AR—for example, you can park your NFT car right in your real driveway. All MotoBloq digital cars can be traded on the project’s marketplace.

There are also plans to make these cars usable across different metaverses, video games, and give them the utility to function as keys to access the “Motoverse” for exclusive automotive events in the future.

To curate releases of popular, unique digital vehicles rooted in real-world metrics, MotoBloq is burning the midnight oil to ally with brands and car designers. For example, production quantities are percentages of the physical car’s production number, and so on.

Additionally, MotoBloq is partnering with several leading automotive brands and organizations to allow NFT owners to access events specific to their car’s brand and model. Importantly, certain MotoBloq cars will allow tours of select design houses, manufacturers, and even race admission.

Commenting on the development, James Keck, CEO & Founder of MotoBloq, said:

“MotoBloq’s goal is to bring everyday users to the Metaverse and transform the automotive community for the future. Working with Enjin to integrate with Efinity does just that.”


“Efinity allows for Web 2 usability while providing Web 3 value. It will give MotoBloq’s users the freedom to truly own and control their collections while laying the foundation for the future utility often overlooked in today’s hype.”

Why Enjin and Efinity?

MotoBloq’s decision to choose Enjin and Efinity to build their platform on hardly comes as a surprise as they offer an eco-friendly, scalable, and secure environment for NFT projects.

To date, over 100 developers have joined the Enjin ecosystem to build innovative games, apps, and NFT projects. In the same vein, more than 70 projects have chosen Efinity for its ease of use, instant finality, scalability, and low environmental impact.

MotoBloq is committed to offering unparalleled user experience and a universal and truly interoperable product to its users and, accordingly, has chosen Enjin and Efinity to develop an accessible on-ramp to automotive NFTs for everyone.

What’s Ahead for MotoBloq?

While MotoBloq’s open marketplace is already live, things are only beginning for the project if their 2022 roadmap is anything to go by.

In Q1 2022, MotoBloq plans to integrate with Enjin and Efinity, introduce collector competitions, bring updates to the showroom and trading experience, and enter into brand/designer collaborations.

Q2 2022 will see MotoBloq introduce community design competitions, launch in-person release events, finish integrations with metaverses, and update AR cars and VR experiences.

During the second half of 2022, in Q3, MotoBloq will organize numerous scavenger hunts and rallies, offer user car modifications, and gaming integrations. Q4 and beyond the world will finally witness the launch of the Motoverse.

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