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Cyn-Coin and it’s NFT’s converge into the Cynverse

Cyn-Coin and it’s NFT’s converge into the Cynverse

Since July 2021 the team at Cyn-C has been building the foundations of the Cyn-C Project, this was done with two key objectives: incentive and utility. As a result, the world of cryptocurrency, NFTs, comics, and gaming have converged into what is now referred to as the Cynverse. Cyn-C is not here to simply create a standard cryptocurrency project, the team wants to push boundaries, adopt new ideas and grow with an already amazing community, within an equally amazing market. More importantly to all of this, the team is here to have fun and share their passions with the world.

With the first chapter of the comic series now released the Cyn-Chronicles have firmly established themselves within the Cyn-Community; the result has seen the project grow rapidly into the multi-layered blockchain project you see today. Looking back to July last year with the project’s natural growth with increasing characters, stories, incentives, and ever-increasing utility in Cyn-Coin, the Cyn-Community has adopted Cyn-C project and its multiple features under a new title, The Cynverse, and with Cyn-Coin at its core, the Cynverse is rapidly expanding.

The Comics and NFT

Central to the project is the house-made comic, Cyn-Chronicles. The team’s aim is to merge classic-style comics the world has grown up to love. With modern forms of digital animation and editing techniques, the team wants to bring these collectibles into the modern world and what better place to do this than in the form of NFTs. With technology always developing and becoming so widely available, the opportunity is there to push the boundaries of comics, from GIFs, MP4’s, animation, and enhanced digital software, the options are almost endless. NFTs allow us to integrate the comics into a fully-fledged crypto concept and every comic sold has a unique code making it truly a one-off.   

These comics, available on Opensea, set the stage for the characters, lore, story, and direction of Cyn. Featuring all original content across six factions and thirty fully fleshed-out characters, there is someone with whom everyone to find kinship.

The first volume of the Cyn-Chronicles is called The Road to Citadel Therra, this story marks the emergence of one of the most widely received factions, The Terra Apes. Five heroes led by Karul Kah are set on an epic journey through the western part of Cyn. The western world has fallen into darkness through warfare and the downfall of technology. It is now in the hands of the Cynverse’s main antagonists, the Z-Tech faction who are beset on preventing Karul Kah from reaching his eventual self-titled destination. With carefully written narrative and artwork sourced from some amazing talent, the release has quickly carved its way into the Cyn-Community. The Road to Citadel Therra is the first of many within the Cynverse.

As the project grows, its characters develop and its stories unfold, this new, all original franchise brings with it a shining beacon and breath of ice-cold wind to shake up the world of comics, NFTs, and Cryptocurrency, and with the completion of chapter one, the feedback and future of the comics within the Cynverse is looking huge.

Read on for a sneak peek into our NFTs and token

An equally important feature of the Cynverse is the project’s Cyn-C NFTs, these trading cards come in three rarities, rare, epic, and legendary. The entire first edition of these trading cards is being released in phases to the market and is on track to be fully released in the coming months. Each of these special NFTs can be staked on the upcoming platform CynSwap to earn Cyn-Coin, of which 30% of its total supply has been locked into Cyn-Swap’s staking platform. The second and third installments of the cards will be released in years two and three respectively, each sharing the same rewards as the first editions.

Cyn-Coin has had a great introduction to the crypto world and is now listed on both Uniswap and Shibaswap. In a short space of time it has established itself on the Ethereum network, with its growing holders, LP, and value together with its competitively low taxation it has attracted the attention of a lot of investors. With the up-and-coming launch of Cyn-Swap complete with its NFT staking feature, continued release of comics, and further developments in the PVP discord battle game known as the Cynoseum, the future of the Cynverse and the Cyn-C Project is certainly an exciting one.

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