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Best AR Toys 2022: 7 Augmented reality toys in 2022 to help your children start living in the future

Best AR Toys 2022: 7 Augmented reality toys in 2022 to help your children start living in the future

One thing’s for sure: the future is VR/AR. Let alone adapting ourselves to the remarkable innovations taking place all around the world, we have to make sure we prepare for our future as well, which are children. 

The good thing is besides all the science toys we already have, many companies released extremely innovative augmented reality toys that can prepare your little one for the future, letting them have fun as easily as ever in the process. That’s why we prepared this list of the top 7 augmented reality toys to help your children discover what AR actually means firsthand. 

The Merge Cube is the only product that allows you to grasp digital 3D objects (holograms), and help you learn STEM in a completely new and powerful way. The cube has over 100 interactive science simulations that kids can touch, handle, and interact with to help them learn more effectively.

It gives students the equivalent of $10,000 in teaching materials, allowing them to learn at any time and in any location. Your children can use the Merge Cube to upload, view, and share user-created 3D models, which allows students to find problems sooner and iterate faster in order to produce better designs.

A free smartphone application for Mapology World AR allows users to scan a puzzle piece and learn more about it. Kids can still enjoy solving the problem with country-shaped puzzle pieces and playing with the flags and capitals during their ‘screen-free’ time.

Solve the puzzle, match the flags, explore and discover new nations, and quiz styles, master, and time challenges are among the five-playing modes. The software allows you to scan 65 nations around the world, revealing information such as the country’s location, landmarks, wildlife, food, and more!

Pai Technology’s Augie is the world’s first coding robot with AR technology and six different game modes! Augie comes with free intuitive software that includes engaging coding tutorials—all in accordance with standards—as well as fun playtime.

Augie is a coding language that engages children’s imagination and creativity while also helping them improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Playing with Augie also enhances hand-eye coordination and logic by introducing artificial intelligence and innovative robotic technologies into play patterns.

Pukka Fun debuts its first AR interactive coloring books and activity books for youngsters. They can fill in the blanks on the pages, then use the new free app to bring them to life. The interactive pages will be a delight for the kids. There are puzzles, mazes, spot the difference, dot to dot, and other activities in each coloring book. As kids color, scan and participate in this 4D experience, they can feel like coloring in the real world while having fun with the virtual world’s amazing features.

6. PlayShifu Orboot Earth Educational AR Globe with 400 Wonders 

Orboot Earth World Globe takes your child on a trip around the globe. Scanning the globe with the companion app will bring it to life, allowing you to explore the world in various settings. For kids 4 to 10, this book is jam-packed with visual storytelling, music, animal facts, voice interactions, world quizzes, globe puzzles, and challenges, as well as world quizzes, globe puzzles, and challenges. Animals, civilizations, monuments, innovations, maps, and world cuisines are among the 400+ highlights and 1000+ globe facts available to children in AR. They can easily learn about the food chain and how to keep your national park’s environment balanced, participate in global scavenger hunts, and take entertaining quizzes in every area.

Your Let’s Explore MegaPack provides ocean explorers with family-friendly educational opportunities. You’ll want to return to the experiences, again and again, showing off the astonishing delights of their new virtual reality world to friends and family. As a result, the ability to learn and remember information is improved to new heights, with many experts predicting that immersive learning will be the way of the future. You can immerse yourself in a realm of adventure and discovery. Through its free App, you may swim with humpback whales and sharks, get up close with polar bears, learn about the impact of pollution in the deep sea, and much more.

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