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Augmented Reality: A Great Tool for Furniture Industry

Furniture Industry Background

The furniture industry has long been struggling to gain a solid foothold in the online world. It doesn’t come as a surprise considering that it is never easy for shoppers to determine if a particular furniture piece will go well with the rest of their home décor or even if their available space is enough to accommodate it. It’s never enough to look at photos online. 

This reluctance or hesitation grows more when the piece is bigger, or the price tag is higher. Why would they even bother to shop online when they can always visit the person and check the product in person?

As far as shoppers are concerned, it will be simpler for them to get the exact measurement of their empty space, drive to the nearest physical shop, spend hours deciding on the aesthetics, color, and design of the item, and finally make a purchase. 

Physical visits are not always feasible, though. That is why there is a need for a unique technology to make it possible to buy furniture pieces online anytime and anywhere.

That is when augmented reality or AR enters the picture.


Augmented Reality and How It Works

Did you know that in the eCommerce world the furniture industry’s household names were actually the first ones to adopt augmented reality? Surprising, isn’t it? Well, there is a good reason for that. 

Augmented reality basically allows different furniture brands to provide realistic product visualizations to customers before they make a purchase. With the help of AR, shoppers get the chance to point their devices at a particular space in their house or office and pick the item they like to put there. 

You then superimpose the item’s realistic 3D version to the real-life surroundings of the shopper. They will be able to play around with the patterns and colors or move the piece around to determine the right size, fit, and style. 

It is a significant breakthrough for both small and big furniture brands. Instead of being a mere new and fascinating technology that can be experimented with, augmented reality addresses the primary objections that customers experience every time they try to buy furniture online rather than doing it in person.

AR: The Big Thing

Augmented reality is regarded as a very promising technology. The technology offers users an AR experience with immersive solutions in different verticals. Similarly, augmented reality for today’s furniture industry is starting to introduce brand new opportunities for many furniture businesses. It allows them to sell their product offerings in a more effective way. Augmented reality allows the users to gain more in-depth details of an object. It helps the businesses in the furniture industry to transform all of their business prospects. 

Through the availability of AR support, it is easier to advertise thousands of colors and hundreds of furniture designs. The use of AR in the furniture industry has definitely taken the shopping experience to the next level. 

Why Do Furniture Brands Adopt the Use of Augmented Reality?

Different furniture brands have proven to the world that the industry of online furniture shopping is poised to enjoy equal if not more benefits from this breakthrough technology even though many of the earlier adopters of AR technology focused on entertainment and gaming. 

Below are just some of the top reasons why more and more furniture brands are now adopting and taking advantage of using AR in their business.

With the help of AR, furniture brands will now be able to reach more audiences that were not reachable in the past, and these are people who would not and cannot physically visit your shop because of the distance. 

Such audiences are those who lack the convenience of dropping by in person but are still able to place their orders to be delivered to their homes. The distance will no longer be relevant as consumers can now try the products first at the comforts of their own home.

Augmented Reality Improves Buying Confidence

By giving online shoppers the opportunity to place and visualize products in their very own space, all furniture brands and retailers can practically take out the guesswork from the overall online furniture shopping experience. 

As customers get the chance to interact with your products through their AR versions, they will be able to get answers to some important questions. Will the furniture fit in their space or room? How big is the piece in the first place? Will it match their walls and décor? How will it look with the rest of the house?

Naturally, when the customer or buyer is more confident and informed, there is also a higher chance of purchasing. Instead of letting shoppers take second guesses before making a purchase, AR can influence purchase decisions that are more certain to lead to enhanced buying confidence. 

Augmented Reality Can Dramatically Reduce Returns

It is not a secret that furniture brands tend to see higher rates of returns. However, with the help of AR shopping, there is a drastic reduction in how many returns are made. After all, augmented reality can change the customer’s home and transform it into an instant virtual showroom that allows them to be 100% sure of the size and style of every item before they purchase it. This level of certainty can lead to lower return rates as customers can choose whatever they need right from the get-go.

Augmented Reality Creates a Wow Factor

Augmented reality also offers an exciting and new way to shop for products online. This unique way to shop can attract more people and create a sense of buzz that cannot be achieved by traditional shopping alone. 

As more and more customers become drawn to this one-of-a-kind immersive technology, different furniture brands have taken advantage of it and naturally gain interest and attention. 

Aside from this, augmented reality also lets brands leverage it to help them stand out from their competitors who might still be using the old traditional ways of selling furniture online.

How to Use AR in Furniture Websites

Despite the significant number of furniture brands adopting the use of AR, there are still a lot of retailers who miss out on this unique technology for one simple reason. That is, they are often worried about the development efforts and costs associated with creating an AR-enabled shopping experience. 

However, there is something that they don’t seem to realize. The truth is that it is actually easier and simpler to integrate an AR-enabled experience on furniture apps or websites. 

As of the moment, there are two different ways that will let furniture brands develop and provide a shopping experience based on augmented reality.

1. Go For In-House Development

Out of the two methods, this is the more technical and expensive one. Similar to other earlier adopters, furniture brands can invest in and work with a development team knowledgeable in the field. Most of the time, they would begin the project with the use of 3D modeling and rendering software to come up with realistic 3D versions of furniture pieces. They will then develop overlay versions that will allow augmented reality.

2. Pick an AR Commerce Platform that is Ready to Use

As of the moment, there are several platforms that provide the choice to easily convert physical furniture inventories into AR and 3D product views with no need for any technical background or knowledge. 

How Much Will It Cost to Develop AR-Based Furniture Apps?

Calculating the overall costs of developing augmented reality apps will depend on several different factors. These include the following:

  • Features of the furniture application 
  • Complexity of the furniture app
  • Specific type of furniture app
  • Location and size of the developer or development team
  • Platform where you plan to launch the furniture app 

It is estimated that you might have to spend anywhere around $20,000 up to $50,000 to develop an AR furniture app. Once again, this price may vary depending on the specific requirements you have for your app. 

How Cad Crowd can Help

Needless to say, augmented reality is starting to become one of the biggest and most important assets for online furniture selling and shopping. Every day, more and more furniture brands are starting to adapt to it and raise attention, and experience significant online growth. 

Here at Cad Crowd, we work with the most creative talent to build immersive 3D designs to impress your audience. Become one of the many furniture brands to dive into the modern way of selling products, consult with us today, and receive a free quote.

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